Best PS3 Online Games 2020

PS3 has been released a decade ago, and you can also play it either online or offline. Online ps3 games have become the center of attention, people of every age play and enjoy this version of PlayStation. We have varied best ps3 online games which comprises many component such as action-adventure, secrecy, predator schemes, endless surprises and many others.

1. Batman Arkham City

If you want to play an open world action game that consolidates the elements of secrecy and predator schemes, then Batman: Arkham City is the best option for you, as it is one of the best ps3 online games. It was developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Warner Bros in 2001. This game is a third-person action-adventure game that gives an genuine Dark Knight expereince embedded in an indigenous and captivating story.

This game also features four new additional gadgets: smoke pellets to distract braced enemies when mottled by them, A Remote Electrical Charge which is a sharpshooter like taser gun utilize as powerhouse and shock enemies, ice grenades utilize to freeze enemies and form routes with the help of water, and a balled rope for binding up enemies.


  • Wide assortment of exciting characters.
  • Charmingly grinding combat.
  • Exciting and fascinating story.
  • Incredibly smooth player movement.
  • Enemy AI is little bit easy.
  • Unchangeable settings.
  • Absence of PhysX on AMD GPUs.


2. Dead Space

Do you want to expereince a survival horror game with a flawless combination of horror and action, then dead space is the best choice for you. It was developed by EA Redwood Shores,and published by Electronic Arts on 2008. The gameplay of this game is place on a digging spaceship overrun by dangerous monsters called Necromorphs.

The player will play the role of an engineer Isaac Clarke, as he will monitor the spaceships and fight with the Necromorphs with Weapons and Telekinesis. This game also features Zero-G gameplay in which it presents Battling enemies and solving puzzles, as the player will have to take on challenges which makes this game more adventures.

Dead space is one of the most frightening scientific horror-survival game ever. It is on the top list of gamers as it has engrossing magnificient gameplay with stunning sound. The plot of this game is set on the USG Ishimura where the team has been contaminated by Alien evils.


  • Stimulating zero-G gameplay.
  • Tremendous environments, suits and weapons.
  • Suitable character development.
  • Aggravating story.
  • Undisguised steals ideas.
  • Some enemies are repeated.


3.Little Big Planet 3

Exploring a world filled with creativity and discovering endless surprises is that what gives you thrill? , if yes then you should play little big planet 3 because it contains all these features. Little big planet 3 is a puzzle-platformer ps3 video game, and it is the third sequel of LittleBigPlanet and eight entry overall.

It is just as eccentric and humorous just as in previous series of LittleBigPlanet. The gameplay of this chapter features many similar to the first two sequels of LittleBigPlanet. As before the players can create their own stages, characters, gadget, apparatus, ornaments, machines, and other things.

This third installment introduces many additional characters with Sackboy, each of them contains their own unique characteristics and potential. It also feautures many new elements such as: climbing on walls, a hairdryer to blow the things around, bounce pads like before.


  • New characters are fun to play.
  • Endless surprises.
  • Powerful and enticing story.
  • Disappointing Checkpoint system.
  • Not sufficient Co-op fun.
  • Last levels are immoral.


4. Metal Gear Solid

In the Solid snake series Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is the final part. In the previous chapters of solid snake, the storyline was very tedious but Metal Gear Solid 4 took the series to another level of action and adventure with the help of tools like visor suit, buddy robot, and a creative Psyche meter. From a proficient prespective, this game was one of the most stirring feats of the era.

This game is a realistic and captivating shealth action game which makes it more remarkable. The playerd will play the role of an aged Solid Snake utilizing stealth, close sector battlle, and conventional Metal Gear Battle. Moreover, this sequel has an addition to gameplay named psyche meter. Alot of characters from the previous chapters will return in this final sequel of Metal Gear Solid.


  • Fan-engaging cameos.
  • Primitive gameplay.
  • Enormous replay value.
  • Didn’t live up to expectations.
  • Permissive conclusion.
  • Vast cut-scenes.


5. Resistance 3

Are you looking for a science fiction first-person shooter adventures game then this game is the best option for you. Basically this game is based in a ferocious alternative universe in which the humans are facing struggle for survival against never-ending alien race. This game is the third sequal of Resistance trilogy, and it is the first game in this series to features 3D and PlayStation and the first to bring the PSN Pass program.

Resistance 3 presents an online 16-multiplayer antagonistic element, it contains five modes Capture the Flag, Chain Reaction, Deathmatch, Breach, and Team Deathmatch. It also features co-operative mode in which all the players can team-up and each of them can play together to play through the story mode , you can play this co-op mode either online or offline.


  • Extraordinary visual spectacle.
  • Dazzling grainy sci-fi atmosphere.
  • Magnificent single-player mode.
  • Deficiency of originality in missions.
  • Absence of any serious alteration.
  • Meek dissatisfying multiplayer.

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