Best PS3 Horror Games 2020

The best ps3 horror games are one of those gaming categories that, while not as spacious at present, tend to startle us with a splendid release. We have assorted the best ps3 horror games for you which includes many elements such as horror-fantasy, action-adventure, and baronial fight for survival with a detailed description and pros and cons of them so that you can choose the best for you.

1. Dark SoulsĀ 

If you want to explore a dark horror fantasy universe then dark souls are the best option for you. This series of dark souls comprise the untold phase in the world of Lordran. This game is developed by FromSoftware and published by Namco Bandai Games, Dark Souls – Prepare to Die Edition is a third-person action role-playing game which makes it more fun.

The developer has included many additions to this series of dark souls including PVP Arena, Online Matchmaking System, New NPCs, New Weapons and Armor, and many others. This series still has many features similar to previous dark souls like A dark fantasy universe, rigid dungeon creeping, terrifying enemy rendezvous, and quirky online correspondence.

While playing the game the player should choose carefully the character’s ability to increase because it will influence their progression style. Keep your eyes open while playing the game because there is no place truly safe in this game which makes it more horror and adventures.


  • Captivating world.
  • Stimulating combat.
  • Substantial multiplayer.
  • Few bugs.
  • Swotting curve.
  • The inferior final boss.


2.Red Dead Redemption

If you want to discover the actual meaning of fear then Red Dead Redemption is the best option for you, it’s one of the great horror games. The storyline of this game is set up in the American wild west where you will experience a baronial fight for survival beyond the recline disbursement of the American West and Mexico.

Red Dead Redemption is a third-person perspective action-adventure game, the player can freely roam around the world. The play area is filled with NPCs coined three individual regions imperturbable of towns and outposts. This game also inaugurates the bounty system, a crime-governing mechanic influenced by Grand Theft Auto’s wanted system.


  • 1. Mystifying and quirky missions.
  • 2. Unbarred and alive world.
  • 3. Incredible things to do.
  • 1. Crooked movements.
  • 2. No turbo travel.
  • 3. Gunplay venturing very slowly on auto-aim.


3. Shadows of the damned

This game is an action-survival horror game, it is one of the best ps3 horror games. It is an outcome of a combination of Goichi Suda and Shinji Mikami. Shadows of the damned were developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and published by Electronic Art. In this game, you will play the role of a demon hunter who will travel to the bottom of hell to have his true love.

The storyline of this game is very heart-wrenching, going to the depth of the hell to get back his love is what makes this storyline awesome. The creators represent a psychologically twisted vision of hell in this game which makes the game a bit thriller as well. This game features the most debauched boss battles ever espied, you can enjoy this fabulous game anytime with anyone.


  • Varied mini-bosses and puzzles.
  • Humorous character interactions.
  • Eccentric sensibility takes you in.
  • Enormous dick jokes.
  • A little too undeviating.
  • Basically no replay utility.


4. Silent Hill Homecoming

Do you want to explore the horrors of the human psyche? Then this game is the best option for you. It is the first time in the history that an original developer, Project Silent, relinquished the helm to another developer and it worked out well. Silent Hill Homecoming is a horror-survival game it is basically the story of a soldier named Alex Shepherd who is returning from war to his hometown Shepherd’s Glen where he saw his town in a tousle condition and his brother missing.

The gameplay of this game is quite indistinguishable to the previous series of Silent Hill. While playing the role of Alex you will explore diverse environments and locations where you will search for clues with the help of photographs, drawing, and other things that are imposed inside Alex’s journal. There are five mysterious endings available in the game, which depends upon the players’ actions.


  • 1. Implausible gameplay.
  • 2. felicitous atmosphere.
  • 3. Captivating story.
  • 1. Effortless combat.
  • 2. Gazillion locked doors.
  • 3. Camera is no inverted.


5.The Last Of Us

when it comes to the best ps3 horror games, this game is one of the best options. The last of us was developed by Naughty ( creators of the Uncharted series) and released in 2013. It is basically a third-person Survival-Action game. In this game, you will play the role of Jeol, craggy guardian of a 14-year old girl named Ellie, who becomes preternatural immune to the virus that slaughters humanity.

The gameplay is enormous, surreptitious with a harsh accentuation on realism and analytical thinking. The breathtaking story of this game is that which makes it more awesome. This game uses multiple gameplay mechanics which include “Dynamic Stealth”, AI, a variation of enemies, and many others. This game has many additional features like high contrast display, HUD scale, Auto target, Navigation, and Traversal assistance, and Ledge guard.


  • 1. Startling gameplay.
  • 2. Magnificient character development.
  • 3. Compelling multiplayer.
  • 1. Repetitive gameplay.
  • 2. The plot is gauche and ungraceful.



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